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BAG Artist residency: Missing

While participating in the residency at the Bergen Atelier Group, a young local musician was missing. I discovered the posters proclaiming that Per Kristian Slattli disappeared on the 30th of April. I decided to try to find traces of him around the city and investigate why he went missing.

I was photographing every suspicious signs around the city as evidence, and a story started to form. This story lacks of any real facts. Everything is created by the choice of the artist what to take picture of and the viewer, how to read them. The images were chosen because of lack of language, peculiarity of the object or of the place.

This project is an experiment how certain provided information can lead to a certain reading. How we are creating a story by filling up the factual gaps.

Although the story of Per Kristian Slattli in this case a fictional one, the photos showing the reality of Bergen at a certain moment of time.

(selected images)



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