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Mater Matters in Fotogalerie Wien


The contemporary self is under pressure. It has to assert its own capital between the technologically expansive social networks and the self-published performance record demanded by neoliberalism. The self has to be both affective and effective. At the same time there is continous access to its increasingly de-privatised data. In this year's special focus, BIOGRAPHY, the FOTOGALERIE WIEN is showing art works that engage with the complex issues of life experience from different perspectives. The curatorial team, working in an intensive dialogue with the participating artists who work with photography, video and film, have developed a tripartite series of exhibitions with the titles ICH, WIR, DU (ME, WE, YOU).

The first exhibition of the BIOGRAPHY trilogy is dedicated to autobiography. The individual's expereinces of childhood, family, illness and religion that often run up against the limits of what can be communicated as well as the various methods of introspection determine the artists approaches. The precision od the ME exhibition lies in the fact that the "me" is neither reduced nor described at the level of the lowest common denominator but, rather, the experiental aspects of one's own life are given public form in transgressive constructions, deconstructions and reconstructions.



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