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Akademie für Suffizienz

Artist Residency at the Akademie für Suffizienz in Reckentin, Germany between the 27th July and 15th of August.

Eve leaves Paradise

I leave technology behind


125 million tons of Clouds (Multi-Media Installation)

We take it so naturally that we are online. Every day several times we are uploading our memories in form of photos, videos, text and sound to the internet, mainly to social platforms that is stored and secured several times on servers in cloud campuses around the world, burning enormous amount of energy, creating 125 million tons of CO2 emission per year. Ironically the icon of these storages just as much cloud as the symbol for CO2 emission. It's about the same amount of CO2 that all airplanes on the sky into the clouds blow. And if we think it's enough to put our cell phone aside, it is not, because our data is stored as digital garbage all the time and fed with energy. Krisztina Fazekas-Kielbassa's works in this exhibition question our digital culture, examine the connection between analog and digital, and seek salvation in nature.

Everything turns around humans

Exhibition view

Requisiten of a performance



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